A quiet place is a place to reminisce, to reflect, to celebrate the joys and to find solace in the losses.

It can be found in many places; within a garden, by a river, but most of all within oneself. To lose oneself in creating something of beauty is to find a quiet place.

Sunday, 30 March 2014

Road Trip

On Fri S and I set off on our "road trip" to Carrum Downs. Somehow it doesn't seem so far away when I have company! Destiny? Embroidery Essentials. 

S wanted fabric and threads for two wedding samplers she is going to stitch. I wanted some threads to add interest to my tapestry. I had also decided, that as my current projects are going to take a long time to complete, I wanted a quick project on the go as well. I needed fabric and threads for the welcome bell pull I want to hang in my entrance hall. 

The pattern uses Weeks Dye Works thread, which I just don't like as the colour runs if the project needs to be washed. I substituted Cottage Garden threads which are colour fast and hand dyed in Australia.

We finished our expedition in a nearby cafe, clearly popular with the locals, and had a delicious lunch before heading back home. 

Today I am catching up on some recorded TV programs and working on the first leaf. 

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